Live notes: sorting next actions

This is a live notes post. It is of very low interest to almost all readers, but I do believe that the more open my work is, the better that work goes.   These are posts mostly written for me, but if you arrived here from a search engine and it looks like I once had a problem that you have now then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll put things into order a little bit.

These notes are about me sorting out my next actions list after three weeks away.

27/03/201611:41:13 GMT+1
It’s time to gather up all of the tasks that are on phones, laptops, scraps of paper, and business cards and put them into the main todo list.

I’m back in the Doghouse.

First order of buisness is to upload the truncated list that I put together on the plane.   It’s at 134 items right now.  135 now I’ve remembered something new.  Wait 137…

27/03/201611:50:40 GMT+1

Uploaded, and I’ve updated the graph.  Now Ive got some things to add. Let’s see.

First place to look is my reminder list.  This is where I throw things when I’ve thought of them while wandering around with my phone.

27/03/201612:27:38 GMT+1

Brief pause to chat to neighbour about holiday.

27/03/201612:31:00 GMT+1

Ah-ha – internet failure.  Three weeks absence has NOT improved virgin’s service.

27/03/201612:39:08 GMT+1

Finally finished reminders list.  Now at 161 tasks.

I have a smallnote book that stays in my bag. It’s full of lots of things.  Let’s see how many notes need to be actions.

Ah – only a couple.  However I also bought a big notebook for brainstorming and filed a few pages.  Let’s see.

27/03/201612:53:00 GMT+1

Breaking for lunch.

27/03/201613:17:50 GMT+1

Back  – and discovering that all my effort so far has meant only the tiniest shred of red is showing on my ‘stress graph’.   Anyway, back to the noteook.

The internet is making life difficult.

27/03/201613:38:46 GMT+1

Okay – big notebook done, and we are now at 186 things I want done.   Sigh.

Now for the big pocket in my ‘go bag’ that I stuff things when I know that I’ll have opportunity to deal with them later.

27/03/201613:52:33 GMT+1

Done that. Now at 191.  Could be a lot more.  Now to work out what is fun and important and what is just fun.

27/03/201614:09:18 GMT+1

Okay  I now know a little more about what’s important (and I’ve also had time to do some of the little ones) now at 185. But I’d like to do a second pass to work out where and when things can be done.

27/03/2016 14:27:02 GMT+1

Suddenly shockingly tired.  I’ve gone thought  a second time batching tasks into those that I’ll send by email, those that need the internet, and those that just need a bit of quiet space. It the process a few got done quickly and I’m now on 174.  My graph still looks appalling, but I’m steadily gaining control.

Jet lag is biting a little. Time for a nap.

#######27/03/2016-19:58:58 GMT+1:

Well longer nap and a few phone calls. Also filming a video that I’ll put up shortly.  What else do I have to do?

Oh yes, I wanted to take another sweep through the list and put in the time estimations – also work out what the next physical action is for each of them.

#######27/03/2016-20:29:06 GMT+1:Got distracted doing simple esay tasks. Let’s try again.
#######27/03/2016-20:52:01 GMT+1:and *again*! sigh!
#######27/03/2016-20:53:34 GMT+1:stupid internet. Going to load up some video while I wait
#######27/03/2016-20:57:40 GMT+1:Internet back, finally finnished. Between the small distractions of the start, and pruning out tasks that had been done and so on, we are now down to 153 tasks and the priority stats look like:

699, 2016-03-27,  1459108644, 437, 532, 514

Which is still entirely too many. In any case, I’ve now got it to the point that I know where I am and know what the things to concentrate on are.

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