Live notes: medical device registration

#06/04/2016-11:33:43 GMT+1:

This is a live notes post. It is of very low interest to almost all readers, but I do believe that the more open my work is, the better that work goes.   These are posts mostly written for me, but if you arrived here from a search engine and it looks like I once had a problem that you have now then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll put things into order a little bit.

#06/04/2016-11:33:54 GMT+1:

Okay I’m going to take a quick look at medical device registration and see how far I get.


#06/04/2016-11:36:21 GMT+1:

First step is to request a account with these people.

#06/04/2016-11:39:33 GMT+1:

Filled out the registration from with the help of lastpass (which reminds me, I should make sure that saved – ah it did, but without the username, fixed now). I took a screenshot of the confirmation number and will come back to this later.


#18/04/2016-10:48:12 GMT+1:

We’ve now had the email confirmation (on the 14th, so that was a 8 day lead time) and we’ve been given an account number that is required to log in.


#18/04/2016-10:53:30 GMT+1:

Hmmm… (I’m assuming that the account number isn’t confidential here).


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.53.14 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.52.47#######18/04/2016-10:54:42 GMT+1:

Let’s try in Safari, just in case….

#18/04/2016-10:56:05 GMT+1:

No…. Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.55.52


#29/4/16-12:17:16 GMT+1:


Rang the given number last week- told to hold for operator, then that the operator was unavailable, then asked to leave a message.  Did so. Did so again today.


Now trying these details

pressed 4…


#29/4/16-12:24:23 GMT+1:

Speaking to human. Seems helpful.

Given new number… 03043001, unfortunately same error.


#29/4/16-12:25:26 GMT+1:

Still doesn’t work.


#29/4/16-12:26:01 GMT+1:

I’m told that my password shouldn’t have symbols in it (to be fair, this is in the guidance). I’m being sent a passwork reset link.

#29/4/16-15:32:59 GMT+1:

Password has been reset. Same error. Emailed.


#18/05/2016-10:33:26 GMT+1:

On the 13th May I sent this email:


Hi X,

Is it possible to escalate this? We are a very small organisation with only one product to take to market.  It has now taken well over a month and we are still NOT in a position to even log into the system.

We have eight months of funding left – can you offer us any hope?

I’m still waiting for a response.
#######27/05/2016-16:02:25 GMT+1:
I’m in! It turns out that the account was registered to a different email address.

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