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#17/04/2016-08:11:07 GMT+1:

This is a live notes post. It is of very low interest to almost all readers, but I do believe that the more open my work is, the better that work goes.   These are posts mostly written for me, but if you arrived here from a search engine and it looks like I once had a problem that you have now then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll put things into order a little bit.


#17/04/2016-08:11:21 GMT+1:

Today’s live notes is to deal with setting up a proper eQuality Time mailing list.  At the moment I have a list for all “joe-site” but the people who have signed up to eQuality Time separately are getting nothing…


#17/04/2016-08:13:30 GMT+1:

Logged in. Password is in LastPass.


#17/04/2016-08:14:57 GMT+1:

Creating an RSS campaign.  Using this feed:


#17/04/2016-08:19:22 GMT+1:

Sorting out the template – need to use my email sig…

#17/04/2016-08:22:08 GMT+1:

Done and done!
Your first RSS email will go out Mon, Apr 18, 2016 4:00 am British Time (London).

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