That week – 9th Jan 2017

A screenshot of my calendar. Filling out this alt text I'm thinking of ways of making a text based one... I'll have a proper think...

I want to take more time to check in on myself and see how I’m spending my time.  This was going to be a “What have I been up to this week” post but I found I actually had little memory of what happened.   The calendar is pretty useful – most of it (everything that isn’t blue) is added automatically, so it can give a really good idea of what I actually did rather than what I think I did.


First cool thing was that I was up in Preston for a few days helping some university students writer this:


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 09.50.19


Which was very cool and exciting. Looked like this a lot:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 15.22.54

While I was up there I did some nice bouldering  up at West View in Preston, which was nice. Far too much time trying to work out a V6 bouldering problem on a moulded wall until it occurred to me that it was on a moulded wall.  Clearly I’ve spent too much time climbing indoors on wood.

Apart from that I’ve done a lot of time coding on The Open Voice Factory – which should be worth a couple of blog posts of their own in the near future.

Went out to support my girlfriend running on the Sunday as well, very proud of her.

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