The Three Musketeers: Interactive

In celebration of the recent BBC adaption of the Three Musketeers. I thought I’d do something nice with the original novel.
Each chapter in the novel is included in the visualisation below. If you want to see the chapter in full, then click on the chapter number, and, as if my magic, the chapter will appear.
I hope you find the diagram itself interesting. To give you the science from here:
The hierarchical clustering algorithm used here is detailed in [17], and was previously used as a device to deconstruct the lm Casablanca.  Briefly, the algorithm repeatedly merges the least dissimilar pair of adjacent scenes to form a tree-like structure that shows how segments of a narrative cluster together.
This sequential ordering allows the viewer to notice how, although a chapter or set of chapters may t within the overall `style’ of a novel, they may not necessarily match with their immediate neighbours. Once again, there can be outliers, and a human can decide if an outlier is there to intentionally shape the narrative or not.
Broadly, this means that we find the sections most similar (in terms of relative word frequency) to each other and ‘clump’ them together. I often find it a nice way to see where/how the acts of the story emerge, I find it useful to help me really think about the contents of the chapter and the way the narrative develops.
To have a play, click on the image below – happy hunting!

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