Lego and disability

So I read this:   But for all the mini-figures in the world, Lego does not produce a single one with a wheelchair or a disability. …in the Guardian, which really should know better.   Of course, like most people of my generation, I immediately thought of this:     Also this excellent reddit build […]

A system that bribes its way out of change.

I wrote this almost a year ago, and never got around to putting it up because there wasn’t much of a perosnal connection.  Then, over the last few months, someone very close to me had their support massively cut. I helped fight it, and all the time we fought it, we knew that if we […]

On consent in AAC user testing

We’re in the process of running some user-testing for CommuniKate and AzuleJoe.   User testing is an interesting proposition for the sort of things that we are building given the extreme ranges of situations that people in AAC deal with.   User-testing is that thing that designers don’t want to do because they know their design […]

Mozfest: my second day.

I’m writing this on the train, and I suspect I’d only get a chance to edit after the whole thing has finished, so apologies for the slightly stream-of-conciousness approach. I missed about half of the second day arriving just before lunch.  In the process I managed to miss the opening speeches. Funnily enough I’m generally […]

AAC – NO such thing as bad data…

Well, obviously, sometimes there is…   I’m ill this week (Chest infection in right lung if you are interested and you aren’t) so it’s a very short post to promote a data gathering exercise that AssistiveWare are doing. The post announcing the survay is here. I had a fairly vigorous conversation with David at AssistiveWare […]


      This year CM was a relatively new experience for me. When I was working in academia, my research interests moved around quite a lot over the years I was publishing, which oddly enough meant that I never  attended the same conference twice. This meant that most of the time I was at […]

AzuleJoe Hacking

The purpose of this post is to show you how easy it is for a hobbyist to retarget AzuleJoe with nothing but Paint and Notepad. Motivation The injection of the Inclusive Technology Prize money has meant that I have been able to spend a lot of time recently developing on AzuleJoe – it’s moving forward […]

London Catalyst

  In what can only be called ‘typical’. I’ve once again forgotten to announce some funding on the blog. Last time I’d forgotten to report that the Supertitle project had won National Lottery Funding, this time I entirely failed to tell readers that AzuleJoe and CommuniKate have won some funding from the London Catalyst.   […]

Open source for intellectual disability

Much of this site’s unexpected popularity comes from being fairly rare.  Although it’s covered an extremely wide array of topics in its time (and will do in the future) much of the content has focused on disability from a technical point of view. We have posts by people who build things, alter things, fix things, and […]

Speaking at TEDx Derby

So a few months ago I gave a talk on CommuniKate and associated ‘stuff’ at TEDxDerby.     I’m putting up this post to supply some of the supporting information.  The information on how expensive AAC devices get comes from the Domesday Dataset, as does the “9,000 who do” part.  The 32,000 people in the […]

CommuniKate, AzuleJoe and the Awesome Foundation.

The idea of launching CommuniKate as the first open licensed AAC page set was conceived exactly here, when Kate and I had dinner after BETT2014 (you can read my opinions of the event itself here). So it was kind of nice that, exactly one year later, that Kate and I were invited to pitch CommuniKate […]

“Data Protection”

This has been rattling around in my subconscious for a little while as a nice neat example of a post. I dug out the emails recently for someone as an example and given that I edited it down for them, I thought I’d share it with everyone. I think it’s a nice example of several things: That […]