Unhelpful Annotations: Never eat alone…

Hello everyone,   I’ve just read through this:   Which was interesting in places, easy to read, and fun. Unfortunately, I felt there was a lot of things in it that could do with a well placed footnote or two.   I wanted to share some of them with you. All are unhelpful, most are […]

Productivity: Columns Graph

A few months ago I wrote “Why it’s a good thing to be slaved to your email“, it’s now time for a  embarrassing confession – that was intended to be a two-part process, with this post standing in stark contrast. Unfortunately, higher priority things intervened and it took  a long time before I made time […]

The top 100 productivity blogs!

Today marks a big day for one of the site’s smaller projects. I’m bringing my ranking of productivity sites out of beta and into the mainspace. As of right now http://joereddington.com/rankingPro/  gives an always-up-to-date ranking (by readership) of the top 120 productivity blogs. Every 24 hours the code looks at the Alexa readership of each […]

Review: The London Quantified Self Meetup Group

I’ve been going to quite a few technology events in London recently. It’s partly to generally explore and find things out but the major reason is more visceral: Since leaving academia over a year ago I’ve been missing the company of geeks and It’s nice to be somewhere were you can make jokes about babel […]


A little while ago I was searching though my inbox for something and found an email I’d written to a friend who’d asked for feedback on a presentation.  Reading it though I think a lot of it applies more generally.  It’s really my take on both presenting and getting better at presenting. I’m posting it […]

Making your own runway.

When I started working on social projects full time I, as you would expect, made a wide range of mistakes.  One of the more serious was in failing to have a proper exit strategy. I had enough savings to last a year, and my general idea was “Look where you are after a year, if […]

Jugglers are dangerous people

Jugglers are extremely dangerous people. Not because of the deadly nature of the art: the MMA octagon is going to remain free of their kind regardless of how many knives and flaming clubs get tossed around. No, jugglers are dangerous people because of their minds. You see the secret of learning to juggle is that […]

Organisational Debt

Organisation Debt is a term that we need to start using. We understand financial debt. Sometimes you need more money than you have available to you so you go into debt; you eventually have to pay back that money along with some extra money called interest. Programmers have to deal with technical debt. Technical debt is […]

Computer games promote better mindsets than the rest of the media.

I’ve been spending some time playing Plants verses Zombies with my God-nephew recently.  It’s been quite a fun experience.  Partly, of course, it’s a nice to see generational changes.  Where’s old people used to say to my generation “Why are you playing that stupid video game? it’s wrong!” my generation can say to the next […]