Public Next Actions

Like everybody, I have a big things I want to get done, and lots of promises I’ve made to people that I want to make sure I keep.

As part of a commitment to personal transparency my personal to-do list is publicly and permanently accessible here

It’s real and it’s active. You can access it right now and see it change over the course of the day.   The  how and why I made this so it can be seen by everyone are written up here. and updated here  (there was also some press: New York Magazine, Esquire, Lifehacker, The RescueTime Blog, Livehacker (again), Boing Boing, and a large number of places that steal all their stuff from Lifehacker and Boing Boing).

Public Next Action Charts

Everything is on my a ‘to-do’ list.  (For a long time, it was my mail).    When the list gets bigger I get scared because there is a lot to do in very little time.  This means that the size of the list is an interesting thing in its own right.


The picture below changes every half an hour to give the live size of my ‘to-do’ list.

Things that have been in the list for more than a week are the red line, more than three days the purple, and more than 24 hours the green (the blue is the ‘current’ state).  If you can see a red line, I’m having a bad time and would probably appreciate some support.



I put this page thought ‘Simple Writer’,  and the only problems were:  list, mail, Charts, and purple.