Communication Matters 2013: Day 2




This year I blogged each day at Communication Matters 2013. Day 1 is here, and Day 3 is here.


Lots of good stuff happening on the first full day of the Communication Matters Conference (depending on your definition, it might also be the only full day – it certainly goes on the longest 🙂 )

I didn’t get to go to many talks – largely because I was giving a talk, which took me out some really interesting possibilities, but also because today my family visited the exhibition so I took some time to catch up….


My little brother, having worked our way though nearly every stand at the exhibition…

I did get to go to “Get rid of that pain in my neck!” by Gregor Gilmour et al – which was a lovely example of how continuing to develop, being willing to try new things, and not accepting that you might have plateaued, can really pay dividends in terms of improving rates of speech.

I spent a little while at the Smartbox stand, playing with some of the cute, game-like, software for learning to use eye gaze. Similarly – spent a little while being shown Makaton’s game apps for learning signs.

Something that was very interesting to me was that the new (turns out it’s been known from April, and I’ve just not been paying attention) proloque2go has ‘select on release’ as a feature – which I think, if it works as I think it should, could solve a bunch of little niggly problems that turn up when using iPads as AAC…

I’m going to write up the presentation I did today as a separate blog post – but that won’t be for a few days yet, so watch this space (Warning: contains kittens).

And of course – there is the conference dinner and party – but we shall draw a veil over that one…

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