Faith in Royal Mail… Win

EDIT – Apologies to all who couldn’t access the site earlier – I clearly wasn’t prepared for the amount of traffic that reddit can generate. By the way – if you enjoy this page, you might also enjoy the Flowers for Alan Turing Project

A little while ago I was given a lift back to London by a friend. On the way back down the motorway we had one of those wide-ranging decisions that one can have – this one included the nature of trust, the likelihood of humans committing a crime if they knew nobody could see them and some complex relationship between star wars and popular rap albums.

My friend was far far too polite to accept fuel money at the time so when I was writing my thank you notes (which tend to go as postcards) I made the point of attached some money for fuel.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 21.17.09

This utterly confused all witnesses. The idea of attaching money to a postcard with a staple was apparently heresy. I had to have a number of conversations of the form

Them: you can’t do that

Me: why?

Them: because it will go missing!

Me: who will steal it?

Them: the postman!

Me: but he doesn’t steal the rest of my mail…

Them: how do you know?

So partly out of stubbornness I persisted with sending the letter – on the principle that I was willing to risk £10 to prove the innate trustworthiness of human beings in general and the honour of postmen in particular.

Several days later – I get the following photos by email:


Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 21.18.56 Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 21.19.37



Here’s what I particularly love about this – when it reached the sorting office, someone clearly decided that the £10 was too much of a temptation, and so took the time to fetch and address by hand a new envelope – which strongly implies that the people at the Royal Mail are much more trustworthy than they even believe themselves to be 🙂

Yay for humans!


EDIT – in response to this comment “An article about theft based on an idea stolen from a TV show that aired three weeks ago. Irony!” from Bill. I’ve done a bit of googling (Reddit tells me the show in question is a Dave Gorman one on Dave) – I understand that the show in question was broadcast at 10pm on the 1st October (from this forum thread), which is (actually, only by a few hours) after I posted the thing – I’ve unredacted (new word?) enought of the picture to show the postmark… I would have say that the irony is that it’s an article about trust, that isn’t trusted 🙂



Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.47.08


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