“Carers for disabled passengers should fly for free” – A sign of selective reporting from the BBC?

From BBC News:

Carers should not be charged to fly if airline rules mean disabled people have to be accompanied, MPs have said.

Some airlines require carers for people who cannot manage emergency procedures, so the Transport Select Committee wants an EU rule that carers should not pay.


So the there are a few things in this article that I find interesting…   First of all that the headline about disability transport is airtravel… when you might think that the London Underground is ahem – a little closer to home. The map below is taken from here and shows a that part of the London Underground that is travelable if you can’t use steps… Good job Heathrow is the route eh?
Map of the london underground for people who cannot use steps


The problem with this article is that, of the many, good recommendations in the report that are sensible (disability training for bus drivers for example) the BBC have pulled out the one most likely to cause resentment along the lines of ‘Free Holiday for wife of benift scrounger’…


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