Wheelchair Ramps

A lovely little point from Randy McNeil, who recently introduced me to the wonderful StopGap project, which I encourage everyone to check out. Easily my favourite thing about Randy was that when I asked him for a photo to go with his post about accessiblity he sent me a photo that *was* a post about accessibility.



Wheelchair ramps they can be the best thing, a person with a physical disability can find when trying to access a building. When I was still walking, I used to be happy to see ramps becoming more common place for people with mobility challenges. Thinking, to myself the world is getting better for people using mobility devices. Then, in 2006, multiple sclerosis changed my life by taking away my ability to walk. Suddenly, I now had a disability and new way of life bestowed upon me.

I accepted this and got an A-4 Titanium wheelchair and started the journey as a new beginning and went back to school.

While attending college, a new building was constructed and I thought: great, it will be built with a better standard for accessibility then other buildings on campus. Unfortaunately, when, I tried to roll up a ramp in the new building, it was far worse than all the others on campus. Immediately, I got the construction superintendent to come over to the ramp in question. I challenged the superintendent it being passed by the building inspector, by showing him the grade and how I couldn’t keep the front castors on the ground while trying to use the ramp.

His reply?  ‘I’m not going to argue with you, it is passed and the building inspector said it is to code’.

‘Don’t argue with me, get into a wheelchair and show me how you can use the ramp’, I replied.

‘I can’t do that’, he said.


‘I’m not as strong as you are!’

So much for progress…  But, I must say: rolling down the ramp is fun, even if I have to back up it in order to use it!


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