Top 20 disability blogs by traffic ranking: December 2013


Exactly a month ago I put together a list of the Top 20 disability blogs by traffic ranking. I got quite a lot of feedback including quite a lot of blog recommendations (over 100 have now been added to the system) so I have updated my list.

The proper details are in the previous post. (You can see the full list of urls here). I’m still not entirely happy with the process, but it will become more and more solidified (and automatic) over the coming months…(appart from anything else, it takes a couple of hours at the moment and I’d like it to be automatic)


Rank Site  Alexa Rank
1   259,259
2  326,310
3   368,177
4   392,735
5    461,674
6  597,080
7  633,582
8  692,206
9   721,070
10  746,291
11   931,295
12     966,848
13    1,033,599
14 (*blush*)   1,322,565
15   1,332,458
16  1,333,701
17     1,344,665
18     1,608,788
19     1,649,343
20     1,804,982


This has again been a really useful exercise for me and I’ve been finding more and more great content (special mention to who would have been in this list but her blog is much more about being a novelist…) I’m still pruning out sites that are ‘parenting blogs with a single post for ADHD’, and also sites that have a little bit of a blog that’s not a main drive of the site ( for example suffered here, and was also cut). Somewhat embarrassingly my own site has turned up at number 14 (I suspect this is non-disability related and relates to something else I did getting publicity recently…) I’m fully expecting to drop back off again next month, but if I don’t then I’ll codify up the culling process a little more objectively…

Overall there are five new entries this month, with Sue (Diary of a benefit scrounger) and myself heading up a strong British challenge. All the new entires were in the list last time, they’ve only moved around a little bit as traffic ebbs and falls. The 100 extra links I added haven’t made any difference to the top 20, which kind of makes sense – if a site wasn’t in the first three sources I used then it was either very new, or probably not *that* widely read – *but* having said that, there are some new entries in the 20-50 section. 

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