Couple Awarded $50 Million After Disabled Son Born.

When Rhea Wuth became pregnant, genetic tests pronounced their unborn child normal.

But as soon as their son was born on July 12, 2008, the Burien, Wash. couple knew something was very wrong. Oliver, who has the genetic defect, was born with profound mental and physical disabilities.

This week, a jury placed the blame — $50 million worth — equally on Valley Medical Center in Renton, Wash. and Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), based in North Carolina.

via Couple Awarded $50 Million After Son Born With Severe Disabilities – Disability Scoop.


Hmmm… two ways of looking at this… one is in the context of abortion rights generally ‘pregnancy terminations solely due to disability’, which is pretty brutal…

The other is in terms of insurance… If you view this case as taking out an insurance policy on care, then there’s a more palatable argument. “We can afford to bring up a child, unless there are significant extra costs, we are going to pay for a test to check that we can afford this, and if there test is incorrectly done then the testers agree to pay for the additional costs of raising the child.”

That’s a slightly more favourable argument, but really – there’s not much of this that is a happy story.  (The comments on the orginal story do a surprisingly good job of hashing though most of the issues… )


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