Parent Mentors

“I remember sitting in the hospital room and having a lot of uncertainty about what that diagnosis meant for us, what it meant for him.” She wished she could talk to someone who’d had the same experience.So when the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte in North Carolina recruited parents to become mentors for new parents of babies with Down syndrome, Thomason was among the first to sign up. “I felt like I needed to be that person for someone else.”

The goal of First Call is to provide parents with accurate, unbiased information, said Terri Leyton, the association’s program director. “We are not pro-choice. We’re not pro-life. We are pro-information. We want you as a parent to make an informed decision … based on what we know of our life as a parent of a child with Down syndrome.”

via Parent Mentors Ease Path For Newly Diagnosed – Disability Scoop.

Couple of things here – my first instinct is to approve, but with a certain amount of restraint – I think there is already a lot of (good) support for parents…and that it would be nice to be reading about siblings, for example, getting mentored.

On the other hand – It is a nice thing being set up, helping out people at a very stressed time in their life, and it’s some distance away from the much sadder version of the story I looked at recently

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