Top 20 most popular disability pages on facebook

I was looking into Facebook groups on disability and I struggled to find much of a listing, so I wrote a little bit of a code to find out. I’m presuming that other people might be interested as well, so here are the 20 ‘most popular’ disability pages, sorted by the number of ‘likes’.

(People might also be interested in the top 20 disability blogs, sorted by number of viewers (Alexa Ranking))

The method goes like this – I asked google to give me all Facebook groups with the word ‘disability’ in the title or description, build up a library of those urls and retrieved the ‘likes’ ‘talked about’ and ‘description’ information from the page. This is very much a bit of a rough initial effort, I’d be interested in knowing if I’ve missed anything. Suggestions Welcome!


Rank Name  Likes  “Talking about” Description
1 Social Security Disability Income   89,541  29  Our mission is to get you approved for the Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve!
2 Disability Scoop   37,561  627   Founded in 2008, Disability Scoop is the nation’s premier source for developmental disability news.
3 Campaign for Disability Employment   21,047  457 Promoting positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging everyone to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.
4 Scope  16,790  647 Scope exists to make this country a better place for disabled people and their families.
5   15,610  507 is managed by the U.S .
6 Black Triangle  11,944  4,092 Mission: “To defend, protect and fight for humanity with disability” Motto: “Disabled People Fighting for Our Future; Custodians of Our Past”
7 Link Disability Magazine  8,165  395  LINK Magazine is a national publication produced by Inprint Design and covers a …
8 This Is What Disability Looks Like   6,639  14   Real representations, Moving beyond inspiration,  Illuminating the beauty of diverse disability …
9 Say No to Dla Disability Living Allowance Reforms   5,794  242
10 Disability Now   5,731  14  The UK’s leading magazine on disability.
11 Leonard Cheshire Disability   5,026  265  Leonard Cheshire Disability supports thousands of disabled people in the UK and works with …
12 National Organization on Disability   3,928  41  NOD promotes the full participation of America’s 56 million people …
13 Hidden Disability   3,666  18  This page was developed by a Canadian woman who suffered a permanent brain injury from a car accident.
14 Disability Pride Day NYC   2,692  26  A coalition of people with disabilities,  families,  and allies in NYC has formed (non-profit status in the …
15 Disability Bitch   2,476  2  I am a Bitch and I HATE YOU!
16 Disability Pride Parade   2,027  2  To change the way people think about and define “disability”; To break down and end the …
17 Focusing on Ability not disability””   2,027  73  My name is Jess and I am a single mother of a 4yr old little girl named Gabriela who is HFA …
18 Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability – London – Hospital   1,660  83  The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) is a national …
19 International Disability Alliance   1,521  148  To advance the human rights of persons with disabilities as a united voice of organizations of …
20 Museum of disABILITY History – Buffalo  1,503  86

4 thoughts on “Top 20 most popular disability pages on facebook

  1. Helen Parker-Drabble

    Thank you for this list and the list of disability blogs. I am looking to start a facebook and what’sapp group connecting disabled people in UK and Ghana so it was enormously useful : ) Helen

  2. Ataxia is a sensory brain condition that after been active and was taken poorly realised the diagnoses. No cure now severely blind black vision deaf mute 65% paralysed. Continue seeing professor 18 to 22hr round trip monthly with epilepsy average 3 times travel by train one way then I have to change him. His spine has arched more and due to the wheelchair shape it as become uncomfortable due to cut backs and passed on to contractors it is coming up to 4yrs in November 2017.

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