100th Post! Thank you all!

Whoop!  After four months, this blog has reached it’s 100th post!

I’m pretty proud of that. Pretty proud of that indeed. I should, of course, thank my lovely stable of guest bloggers for the posts they provide, along with everyone who tweeted, or facebooked or shared links to post and helped me build up traffic (I might, for a future post, pull up the list of twitter people who did, it’s reasonably easy to do with the API). I should also thank everyone who pointed out typos big and small, and especially everyone who commented on the blog. That’s really wonderful of you.

Some people to particularly thank, are the hard-core readers… This is the visitor logs for the last couple of months:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 22.10.52


It’s not the thousands of people who turned up once that interest me (well I’d like to convert a few more of them to regular readers, but that can wait) it’s the 250 people who have turned up over 100 times. These are the hardcore readers, who are the people I’m thinking of when I write posts, and I thank you all for returning so many times (particularly because some of you are returning to find that I’ve not written anything since last time). By all means get involved more – comment or email me with the things you think I should start doing, keep doing, or stop doing – I feel like I’m only engaging with a fraction of you.

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