Top 40 disability blogs by traffic ranking – March 2014

Once a month I iterate my list of the top disability blogs by traffic ranking.  This is the results for the start of March 2014.  It’s also the first post were I went down as far as 40 (previously I’ve gone as far as 20).

As I mentioned last time, this has got steadily more automatic, so I’ve been able to spend some extra time on it  going though more sites to make sure that unsuitable ones were weeded out. I had to remove about ten more sites that weren’t blogs, sadly this includes wonderful work like 

For those unfamiliar the rules are these:

To get on this list, there are two conditions: first of all you must be regularly (but not exclusively – many of these bloggers explore a range of topics) posting about some aspect of disability.

The second is pragmatic. For fairness, the blog should be the reason that most people come to your site, not the only reason, but it should be the main one. I have no doubt at all in my mind, that Ouch, is probably the world’s most read disability blog, but I also have no doubt that the main reason that people go to is probably not for that blog. So I can’t really use the Alexa ranking as a good measurement.  Plus I’d like to highlight, independent, unpaid, grassroots blogs.  A recent casualty of this has been that I’ve had to remove from the list, but I think they’ll understand (Disabilitynow is *just* on the right side of this I think, comments welcome…)

I use this list of blogs as the source list. It’s growing more and more and it’s now up to 374 different sites. If there is a website that should be on that list, please let me know. I’m keen to make this as broad as possible.

It’s interesting to see how many of the bloggers maintain pageviews even a while after they stop blogging – for example is at 24 but hasn’t posted anything since august.

And so the Table.  A note of caution, the ‘placing last time is accurate for any numbers below 23ish, but for the rest it includes a bunch of ‘companies that happen to have a blog’ that I’ve now pruned out, so they might not have gained as much as you think.  My pick of the month is actually for being really quite refreshingly angry.   Highest risers were, embarrassingly enough, me, and also which has risen on every iteration of the list.  Most of the other bits of big movement are actually just the list settling down a little, most of the people going down this time went up last time…

Placing Site Alexa Rank Placing last time
1 240,273  1
2 276,384  2
3 317,857  3
4 479,190  6
5 634,317  8
6 642,848  5
7 720,074  4
8 725,142  7
9 779,885  11
10 791,624  9
11 808,318  19
12 864,173  New
13 940,206  12
14 1,011,408 10
15 1,116,534  18
16 1,131,517  13
17 1,132,526  14
18 1,132,958  16
19 1,183,565  New
20 1,228,754  20
21 1,266,995  New
22 1,331,268  New
23 1,676,759  17
24 1,786,942  24
25 2,019,771  25
26 2,104,332  28
27 2,163,641  New
28 2,177,660  30
29 2,272,509  27
30 2,512,914  33
31 2,526,522  42
32 2,534,550  40
33 2,593,132  37
34 2,725,426  34
35 2,770,824  21
36 2,851,909  15
37 2,887,643  50
38 2,890,839  44
39 2,906,434  49
40 3,047,746  New

11 thoughts on “Top 40 disability blogs by traffic ranking – March 2014

  1. Sullivan (Matt Carey)

    I totally agree about TimeToListen. It’s a good blog and has been strong for years. I’m surprised the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism isn’t on the list.

    • Interesting – I thought it was in the source list but it isn’t – will certainly arrive in the next itteration – would have been about 14th in this one! Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

      • hmm… I’m now having a bit of a think… I’m honestly not sure – again I think it is focused on politics and poverty (which is a Good Thing, it’s just not Disability related) – this is a list of disability blogs rather than Blogs Joe Finds Interesting… I’m going to leave it on the list for now, but not put it in the charts…

    • I like Vox Political, but I think (and I think that Mike would agree) that it’s a politics blog. I think Mike understands disability and if there is a political issue arising that has disability as an angle, he makes sure that angle is explored (like, for example today), but Vox Political is a good politics blog, with a focus on issues that affect people of all walks of life, rather than a overly political disability blog. I appreciate it’s a judgement call, but I think there is a serious point to be made about decoupling political afflictions and disability issues in the UK.

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