A different interface for AAC devices

I’ve thought for a while that it would be nice if AAC devices had an option that allowed users to have a more subtle control over the vocal output of their device: such things as varying the pace and pitch of the utterance within the sentence.

I bought myself an iPad this weekend just gone, so today I put together a demo of the sort of interaction behavior I’d like to see. Obviously this particular control method is only applicable to users with a certain degree of motor control, but I think there are a few other ways of getting the same effect.

I’m interested in people’s comments, suggestions, and feedback. Ideally, of course, some if you will say ‘X already does this!’, which would be excellent news.

2 thoughts on “A different interface for AAC devices

  1. Super cool Joe! Noah is just now learning eye gaze with the Tobii. Although he is able to use his hands to some degree, I’m not sure he could swipe at different speeds to indicate tone inflections. I wish that technology existed even in eye-gaze devices. Noah also has an Ipad but there is no way I have your skills to play with such programming! I certainly don’t know of a device that does it. Or if it does I’m simply not aware.

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