Who wants to be my 100th subscriber?

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Apologies for the blatant self-promotion; this post is to make you are aware that you can get all the articles, interviews, and guest posts on this site sent to you by email.

The simplest way is to use the subscribe button over on the right hand side. But if you know me then a simple message saying ‘hey, add me’ will work just as well.

There are two advantages – first of all you never miss a post, and secondly I send out the articles by email the day before they go online – so you get everything a day early. (They aren’t getting this post. I admit that would be silly).

Why am I doing this? Well I’ve been looking at my traffic analysis and I was astonished to find that so few people use rss readers. Honestly if I could recommend one thing to make the internet a better place for you it’s to use an rss reader – they are just better. Where this was particularly obvious to me was on the three occasions recently when Lifehacker linked to my page – only a tiny percentage of the visits came via rss reader. And if Lifehacker, that utter evangelist of the rss reader, only has a small proportion of viewers using an rss reader, then my proportion must be tiny…

So if I can’t persuade you of the joys of rss reading, the next best thing is an email list. If you like the articles, guest posts, and interviews that go up on www.joereddington.com – then sign up using the box on the right and ensure you don’t miss any (and that you get them a day early).

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