Link roundup, part 2

In March I wrote a blog post where I collected together all the links I’d recently shared on social media. I think a lot about how I use things like twitter – I want to make sure that I’m providing useful, or at least interesting information to people. I would like to think I’m making the world a tiny bit better not a tiny bit worse. I got some very good feedback about the last post and so I thought I’d continue on with the process…

So let’s begin.  Over the last few months I’ve been tweeting about:

General Disability:

Disability stories that made me angry (warning: rage-inducing)


Internet and data-freedoms:


A controversial former Tory councillor who claimed to have slept with an Arsenal striker and alleged that Ted Heath was gay and went “cottaging” before becoming prime minister lost his seat on Barnet Council, winning just 265 votes.

Self-styled “King of Bling” Brian Coleman once served as chairman of the London Assembly and was a Conservative councillor in the borough before being suspended after assaulting a woman who filmed him breaking parking rules.

He had kept his seat as an independent after the incident.

So that’s my catalog of interesting things for the last couple of weeks.

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