Telepresenting: The only way to fly.

I recently had a paper accepted to 5th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies or SLPAT (which I pronounce ‘splat’ but I suspect nobody else does…).  It’s a familiar conference, I’ve had my name on papers there before, and it’s where Lizzie Coles-Kemp and I presented our first work looking at digital privacy issues for AAC-users.

The paper is ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants: attacking the meta-problems of technical AAC research’ and you can read the pdf on the conference site. It’s an extension of my original work on the Domesday Dataset.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get to the Conference to present in person, but the organisers very kindly allowed me to telepresent, which was lovely of them. And the bonus of this is that it means that I get to have produced a video of the presentation for everyone else. So if you’d like to get a general guide to the paper without reading it, there is a handy 15 minute presentation for you 🙂

Let me know if this is well received, as I can do more videos if people would like. Although, I suspect that I prefer text posts – I’m always a bit irritated when I have to watch a five minute youtube tutorial to get at the one necessary fact I need…


2019 Edit

I’ve come back to this post because I was going to send it to someone and I wanted to add some information.

The original idea was that I would present over skype.  Being a prepared person I recorded the above video in case Skype failed.  Actually what I ended up doing was editing slides into it at the right time, and cutting unecessary parts so that it actually ends up much more polished than I would have given in person.  I got back in touch with the conference and what ended up happening was: I skyped in; the video was shown (which was very surreal, because there are jokes in the presentation and it’s very strange listening to time-displaced laughter), everybody clapped in the end and I answered questions over skype.  Very much the best of all worlds I think and it’s how I’d do any remote presentation in the future.

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