There’s lots I don’t understand about copyright enforcement…

Regardless of your stance on Copyright infringement, it’s worth following Torrentfreak’s News feed for some fairly well-researched journalism relevent to technical and security issues.

Today, their story is the treatment of a UK man who is currently bailed for videoing  films at the cinema… and there is so much I don’t understand about the story.

From the article: 

Five unmarked police vehicles were sent to arrest a man in the UK following allegations that he ‘cammed’ the movie Fast and Furious 6 and put it online. After being banned from every cinema in the country the 24-year-old was released on bail.

But now, three weeks in advance of his bail date, things have started moving again with yet another surprising turn of events.

Earlier this week police and FACT turned up at the man’s home in the West Midlands armed with a new search warrant issued by a magistrate, this time in relation to the camming of the movie ‘Epic’.

First of all, I wasn’t actually aware that filming in a cinema was still a thing – I understood that the piracy that can believably affect Box office and DVD sales is the copying of DVDs and the leaking of early screeners and preview copies. I can completely understand why that’s a problem – and given that such things are widely leaked I can’t quite see why its worth somebody’s time and effect to go to the cinema with a camcorder.  More to the point – surely it’s in FACT’s interest that movie piracy is flooded with poor quality rubbish because then people have a greater incentive to buy DVDs? is that not right? So I don’t understand either the motivation of a guy recording in the cinema, or the guys stopping him.

After being taken to a police station at 8am the man was questioned and held for more than eight hours. Interestingly and despite significant resources invested in the original raid, the police informed the man that charges against him in respect of Fast and Furious 6 had been dropped. There would, however, be new charges.

“When I was eventually interviewed at 4pm I was questioned again by FACT in relation to the Fast and Furious 6 cam, which I ‘politely’ declined to answer any questions about,” he told TorrentFreak.

I’m also deeply confused by police procedure here – if someone has recorded a video at the cinema and uploaded it somewhere, and you have enought evidence to arrest them, then I’m somewhat confused as to why you get held for eight hours.  There isn’t a public safety justification for a start, but more to the point, the evidence would all be electronic anyway – and the electronic evidence would make this pretty open and shut – either there’s a evidence trail on a laptop somewhere or there isn’t – and that makes it pretty open and shut in either direction. Can someone give me a clue as to why he’s held for 8hours instead of a 30 minute, set of ‘Was it you?’ questions and the police sending his electronics to one of the digial forensics teams?


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