Old shame – what was I writing about one year ago…

So as we’ve just had a year anniversary on the blog, I thought it would be interesting to look at what I was writing about for the first few days.  This covers the week up until the 13th September 2013.

The first thing I notice is that I am wildly all over the place in terms of content.  I write on a wide range of topics now, but I’m amazed at the amount I got though in my first week.  The second thing I notice is that many of these posts really are just ‘things I would have put on Twitter but I felt they needed a bit more context’.  Overall I’m a lot more happy with the posts than I’d expect, even to the point that there are a couple that I might like to rewrite at some point, but I also think I’ve come a long way.

No one should have a gun, except maybe blind people

I wrote a counterpoint to something that appeared on samedifference’s blog.  I wrote it really quite verbosely and I think I’d be considerably more concise now.  I think.  Actually it’s one of the closest things to a proper article that I’ve had appear on the early blog.

U.S. Religious Zealots Sneak Into Scottish Schools Without Parents’ Knowledge to ‘Help’ With Lesson Plans

This story amazed me – I’m broadly anti-creationist but I’m amused by parents that are entirely happy with kids learning about genesis in the bible but who react so badly to the idea of a creationist children’s book given out for free.

Stripping Kindle DRM with Lego

This was a neat idea from Hackaday that I wanted to make point about copyright with.  Now I think I’d have saved the link until I actually had a reason to make the point – because at the moment it’s a point made without context.

Recording communication

Here I’m talking about a somewhat awful case in a job centre and using it to gradually pivot to the first post I make about AAC.  I think it’s a good post – I’d write it very very differently now and with a different voice.  But in hindsight it’s clear that I’m just feeling my way forward about putting this sort of thing on the blog.   It’s entirely possibly that I rewrite this article at some point in the future so that it’s a bit more ‘of the moment’.

There’s lots I don’t understand about copyright enforcement…

When trying to find my voice as a blogger, I approached issues about data protection and privacy though a more general context of copyright and piracy, rather than the more complex and interesting context of disability. This most is an example of the early work and I’m afraid that now it comes off as really quite teenage.

Activist dropped by disability charity over offensive tweets

A bit of semi-journalism.  I looked at some of the issues around the dropping of Simon Stevens for the Labour Party conference and came out broadly on his side, although with a wide range of caveats – I’m quite happy with this although I think it’s some distance from where I’ve ended up as a blogger – I think that I’d find the whole episode a bit negative now and I’d try to be writing an article that stayed relevant for longer.


EDIT: As a result of the ‘Earn money for criticizing me‘ pledge, this post earned $2.00 for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

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