Third-person ambition

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There should be a word for third-person ambition.

If someone is ” ambitious” then the assumption is that they want to achieve all they can. To gather, power, status and money. But I want a term that describes being ambitious for other people. A parent is ambitious for their children, a teacher is ambitious for their charges but what do we call someone who is ambitious for their country, their religion their causes?

It’s not pride… That’s the past tense. I was ambitious and now I am proud. I want to describe Che Guevara before the revolution. Gandhi before the liberation. 

Campaigners against the death penalty – clearly defined goals and passion. But nobody would call them ambitious because it’s the wrong word

It’s difficult to coin a term. Maybe ‘ambustious’, no… Definitely not. Is it greek? No turns out it’s latin: ambitiosus Is there something we could do with the word endings? Damn my lack of a classical education. 

Any ideas? Anyone?  Third-person ambition is pretty close to being a googlewack which is horrible in that it’s a concept that should be around. 

It seems like a playful poke at language but it’s not,  I’ve accidentally ended up as a social entrepreneur (even if I loath the term) but I want to describe the feeling.     Take Camp_Nou and reverse it – so that instead of 100,000 thousand people desperately willing the 22 people  on the pitch to excel, you have the 20 people desperately willing the 100,000 to achieve, to win, to be everything they can be.  That’s the feeling that I want a word for.

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