Working Error 418 Teapot

I found out about  the Error 418 code (Wikipedia article) a little while ago, and I thought it kind of sad that there  was no system that demonstrated the correct use of Error 418.   So I built one.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 14.58.02

Yes, as a matter of fact, this is a netbook glued to a painted teapot.


There have been a couple of changes made to the design over the years. I’ve replaced the teapot with a better one and the network with a worse one.  But it still passes all tests…

Test 1: can make a decent cup of tea…



….passed (if it didn’t make a cup of tea, then it wouldn’t be an Error 418 teapot, it would just be teapot-shaped, and hence, not be correctly giving the error)!


Test 2: can pour cup of tea…





That is actually all the tests we did. The teapot now lives on my desk in my home office. If you like, you can test the server yourself (most of our testing was focused on the tea) – the address is*

Thank you to Laurence O’Toole for photography and proofreading.  People interested in the  Error 418 teapot are probably also the sort of people that might be interested in the Flowers for Turing project as well, so feel free to check that out. 🙂


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