Food lifehack: freezing bread.

A quick food hack I thought I’d share with you.

I have toast in the mornings for breakfast and so that the bread doesn’t go off (it takes me a while to get thought a loaf) I freeze the bread and put it in the toaster frozen.  This, judging by the number of tips I’ve seen saying ‘freeze bread’, is fairly normal.

However, everyone who has tried this knows that Freezing sliced bread often leaves you with what appears to be a frozen loaf of unsliced bread.  You start to think that you might need a chisel.

The solution is simple: deal your bread before it goes in the freezer.

1 Take breadIMG_2591

2 Take bread out of wrapper and alternate the slices of the bread, so one faces left and the other right

3 Put the bread back in the wrapper


4 Profit!    Or in this case enjoy being able to easily separate bread in the mornings.

The easy-to-seperate bread after freezing.

The easy-to-seperate bread after freezing.


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