This week last year on

These are the posts I was writing this week last year – that’s the 27th September 2013 to about halfway thought the 4th October…Apparently I did nine posts that week.  I was clearly feeling like writing…


Review of Episode 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D…

Apparently I used to put more reviews in this blog… who knew?

Some minor housekeeping

I closed down my old academic homepage…

Hate crimes legal review


Famous people with disabilities (according to Wikipedia…)

This is probably worth an update… I should update this…

Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2013: AAC and digital privacy


Open formats in AAC: Part 2

Why I started a blog…

Man With Special Needs Awarded $450K In Discrimination Suit

Patent Trolling and disability

I reviewed Rurouni Kenshin for Live for Films

Make The World: Prosthetics


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