Friday Requiem: The top 60 disability blogs is now ALWAYS UP TO DATE

Quick note for readers.  I think it’s important that I consider my back catalogue of posts to be part of the site and that they get maintained, looked after and followed up on.  So each Friday I’ll be picking a post I did from that week last year, and see if my opinions have changed, or find out how the story develops.

So this week last year I put together some code to work out the 20 disability blogs that had the most visitors. I’ve updated it half a dozen times since then.  We’ve added lots of extra sites following reader comments, and we’ve also extended it down to the top 60.  Today’s announcement is to tell you that it’s now completely dynamic.

Every day, a scheduled piece of code runs on the servers of that analyses the 400 or so sites in our database and generates the new top 60.  The list is at:

The Always Up-To-Date list of the top 60 disability blogs

…and I hope it helps you find cool new content.

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