Friday Requiem: Book recommendation: Tricks of the mind

Quick note for readers.  I think it’s important that I consider my back catalogue of posts to be part of the site and that they get maintained, looked after and followed up on.  So each Friday I’ll be picking a post I did from that week last year, and see if my opinions have changed, or find out how the story develops.

The last few of these Friday Requiem posts have been updates on issues. In this case I’m rewriting a post from this version, because, frankly, that version isn’t very good – it’s brief, it lacks pictures and the link it sends you do it a bare bones approach. Let’s do better.

Book recommendation: Tricks of the mind

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 09.56.39Tricks Of The Mindis getting on for seven years old now, and despite it’s somewhat disconnected themes, I’d like to recommend it on the strength of the memory section alone. It really is an excellent introduction to the power, and the methods, of using one’s memory properly. Brown gives  reasonable uses, a solid selection of methods and sensible recommendations. Given that much of the rest of the much is devoted to debunkings of various types there are also some very good ‘don’t dos’.

Mr Brown spends some time on the major method of remembering numbers and, mildly unhelpfully doesn’t use the ‘standard’ set of translations. A little while ago I wrote a python script to translate numbers to words using the Derren Brown encoding and I thought I’d put it on the internet in case anyone else would like a go. I’ve recently given it a big of a spring clean to match up more nicely with the general design of the blog. You can find the tool for converting numbers to words using Derren Brown’s encoding here.



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