Disney Reportedly Altering Special Needs Access At Parks

From Disability Scoop:

Big changes may be in store for a Disney program that has allowed theme-park guests with disabilities to skip to the front of the line for many rides.


Rather than bypass wait times, under the new system guests with disabilities will be able to request access to a ride at special kiosks at the company’s Florida and California parks and then return to the ride at a specified time. While individuals would not be required to wait in a line, they could only request access to one ride at a time, the website reports.

So… I don’t have an unbiased view on this. DisneyWorld is one of my little brother’s favourite things. Particularly the rides. And I can accept that it’s not particularly fair on non-disabled people if someone is always jumping the queue, I’ve felt fairly embarrassed accompanying my brother. But my view has always been this: if you tot up all the unfairness in the world that’s faced by the people jumping the queue, against the people standing in it, then I’ve always felt that Disneyland was doing its bit to settle the score. And that a day in Disneyland really was some of the happiest, and most ‘normal’ time we spent as a family.


So, in summary: sadness.

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