The always up to date ranking of the top productivity blogs by traffic.

One of the most stealthily popular pages on this blog is my list of the top disability blogs by traffic.  If you are unfamiliar with it – I wrote a script that uses the Alexa Ranking to work out which of a set of about 300 disability websites is the most popular. It automatically updates every 24 hours so you can see if there are new people producing a lot of good content and use it to get a feel for what the bits of the ‘community‘ are underserved.

This past week I decided to tidy up the code and make it work a little more efficiency, and in more of a transferable way. Once I’d done that, it was pretty easy to use it to create an entirely new list: for productivity blogs.

I do a certain amount of writing that ends up on productivity blogs so it was a fairly natural progression.  Here’s the method.

To build up a list of popular productivity blogs I used the following lists:

Each of those provided 50 blogs.  When I put them all together and removed duplicates I found I had a list of about 160 (actually that’s considerably less duplication than I expected.

I put them into my script (and you can, of course, have a look at the git hub repository) and it spat out the ranking. I’ve limited to top 60 for now – if the list expands as quickly as the disability one did then I’ll be able to extend that downwards pretty quickly.

So, without further ado, please go to:  the always up to date list of the top 60 productivity blogs!

4 thoughts on “The always up to date ranking of the top productivity blogs by traffic.

  1. Followed the links to your disability lists and it seems to be somewhat … err … disabled today – there are only two sites showing up, no header image and no CSS. The productivity list is also sans header and CSS, but it does at least show 60 sites.

    I’d love to see you add to the disability list too, if you think it’s appropriate. Thanks!

  2. Thanks – should be fixed now – althought it’s a bit of a ‘sticking plaster’ solution. has been added 🙂

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