Looking better on Skype

Because I now work from home entirely, I do a lot of my meetings via Skype. I wanted to share a simple thing that made this much better for everyone involved.

So this is what I look like on Skype:   Screen-Shot-2014-11-30-at-22.09.45

I look rough… and mostly blue.  Why is that you ask? Well it’s because this is my desktop (also that’s my mum you can see in the picture… who I was talking to on Skype at the time):


Blue light makes me look a bit rubbish, so it turns out that I had to find a tone that matched my flesh colour….


Which is quite a difference….Screen-Shot-2014-11-30-at-22.07.59This is one of those things that surprised me in hindsight, but genuinely turned out to be helpful. It’s obvious to some of you, I’m aware of that.

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