Charity Update

Note, this post was drafted a month ago, since then we’ve had some responses on funding, I wanted to keep this draft as it was written because I think it puts across the ‘waiting’ feeling that I was feeling at the time. More up-to-date posts to follow.

So a few months ago I wrote this post – announcing that I was putting together a charity. I’ve been quiet on that front, largely because relatively little impressive stuff has happened. Still it’s time to give a bit of an update.

I’m getting a excellent introduction into how business law works, and more to the point, I’m getting a pretty good introduction as to why companies don’t generally work in the way you would expect.

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It’s hard to say how it’s going right now. We filled in all manner of paperwork, we’ve opened bank accounts, registered domain names and all of the overhead that is needed.  We’ve also got a name: eQuality Time, that was suggested by one of my trustees (the process resulted in a range of good names that are clearly going to be saved for things in the future).

Most importantly, we’ve applied for eight distinct lots of funding for a variety of projects. Some of which already exist on my project pages, and others are more ambitious ones that need some solid seed funding behind them before we can release them (if I’m low on blog posts over the next few months I’ll put out some posts describing what I want to do).

I have limited experience with this sort of funding. Since 2009 TooManyCooks probably picked up one in three of the funds it applied for and now we’ve got official organisation bank accounts, trustees, and articles, so we are more of a ‘safe’ bet for funders. On the other hand TooManyCooks was a proven commodity and I was only applying for funds that I was very certain we’d do well in. More to the point, since 2010 there have been fewer and fewer funds and more and more need for them. It’s really unclear if there will be room in the wide world for an organisation like ours.

None of the funds available will get back to us for at least a few months, and there are five or so more than we are eligible for before then. So we are in a strange place: plugging away at changing the world but we’ve got no idea how well we are doing at all.

In other news: I’ve been prototyping an intervention with a school in North London – I should be reporting back about that in detail shortly. I’ve also been working on a range of other cool developments for the TooManyCooks methodology and beavering away at the details for some other interventions like beefing up this into a solid resource and investigating some other ways of getting though things.

So while I do feel like I’ve rolled the dice… I do have to keep hustling until I know a little bit more about how it’s going.  I’m just a little worried at the moment that I underestimated the timescales involved; That a even a year on savings isn’t enough time to get something sustainable happening.


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