Three day week (requiem)

Quick note for readers.  I think it’s important that the site’s back catalogue of posts are considered a ‘living’ part of the site and that they get maintained, looked after and followed up on.  So each Friday a post from a that week a year ago gets picked out to find out how the story, project, or idea has developed.


So this time last year I wrote this post.

After having thought about these things for a little while I’ve decided to try out a ‘three posts a week’ strategy. So I’ll be posting new articles at 10am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The idea is that it will encourage me into more substantial posts (because that’s fewer posts than I would write if given free rein), while at the same time letting regular readers know that there isn’t any point turning up on Tuesday/Thursday looking for anything new (this will take down my visitor numbers obviously, but if that’s not an excellent example of number-blindness then I don’t know what is). It will also encourage me to write less ‘of the moment’ articles. Yes they might be interesting at the time, but having to ask myself ‘will this still be interesting next week?’ can only improve my writing.

It was the point where I stopped posting ‘link with paragraph of commentary” posts, and committed to producing three substantial articles a week.  Astonishingly, I’ve been able to keep to it and I’ve been able to produce many more posts that I’m proud of (there are still some that I’m not, but it’s a much smaller proportion).

Unexpectedly, this has moved the ethos of the site. It’s been much easier to attract quality writers (this and this are particular favourites) and as this is starting to become a bigger and bigger part of the site I’ve resigned it this week – so you’ll notice that my photo, bio, and twitter stream have vanished from the page, and the front page has been redesigned to showcase other writers much more.


(I’ll also be doing the articles for, so every so often one of my three-articles-a-week will appear there instead of here)


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