Fail post: missed deadlines


This is a post mostly for myself, I expect it to be of very little interest for the casual reader of the site. I’ve put it up because, well, my name is above the door and I think the site should reflect a full version of me rather than an edited one.

I’ve a certain amount of success in the last few years. The Flowers for Turing project raised a lot of money for charityCommuniKate was released as the first open licensed AAC page set,  I managed to attract Government Minsters to come and interview on this site.  I’ve been very eager to use this blog to tell you all about my successful bits.

The problem is, of course, that this is a misrepresentation – I fail a lot. I’d like to start sharing some of those fails.

What I think about when I think about failure

When I was first workshopping this post – most of the failures I could think of where in my personal life: friends I’ve lost touch with; People who I wanted to connect with but couldn’t; stupid things said in the heat of the moment.

However, those aren’t particularly quantifiable and make for poor posts even if privacy wasn’t an issue.

The failures I can tell you about

There are still lots of things I can tell you about freely. For example I’m applying to funds to run a variety of projects via eQuality Time. Most funders haven’t got back to me at the time of writing, but there are a lot of applications that didn’t even reach submission.

This is the list of funds that could have funded eQuality Time projects but that I missed the deadline on, or committed to but found that I didn’t have all the policies in place that were needed, or that fell off that stack because I managed my time badly.

It’s only four items, but these are the ones that all got started, investigated, and invested in. It’s also about one a month since I started. And it means I missed out on one in three so far.


Funder Website Deadline
Fiadopt 31st January
The Oak Foundation
Creative English Innovation Fund 22nd September
Deptford challenge trust 20th Feb
SERGO Particularly bad because I was invited March

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