The list of MPs changing their Twitter handle.

I mentioned in my last post on the topic that I’m rerunning my experiment to see how well MPs cite their sources on Twitter.   Last week I downloaded the set of tweets since the start of 2015 and an anonymised subset of the data is currently being looked at by volunteers.


Gathering the data was a little tricky because it turns out that some MPs have been changing their names… It might be interesting to someone to have a look at which way this has been happening…

Old name New name
@AngieBrayMP @AngieBray2015
@ChloeSmithMP @NorwichChloe
@CrockartMP @MikeCrockart
@DanJarvisMP @dan4barnsley
@DavidWardMP @DWard
@GBirtwistle_MP @GBirtwistle
@GlynDaviesMP @GlynDaviesMont
@GraemeMorrice @GraemeMorrice51
@GrahamEvansMP @GrahamEvans
@HBaldwinMP @HarriettBaldwin
@IanDavidsonMP @IanDavidson4MP
@JakeBerryMP @JakeBerry
@JeremyBrowneMP ???
@JessicaLeeMP @Jessica_K_Lee
@JohnDenhamMP @JYDenham
@JonCruddasMP @JonCruddas_1
@MarcusJonesMP @Marcus4Nuneaton
@MarkSpencerMP ???
@MichaelDugherMP @MichaelDugher
@MichaelMooreMP @MichaelMooreBRS
@SCrabbMP @SCrabb2015
@SHammondMP @S_Hammond
@SJacksonMP @Stewart4Pboro
@SimonHughesMP @simonhughes
@SiobhainMP @Siobhain4MandM
@SteveBakerMP @SteveBakerHW
@StuartAndrewMP @StuartAndrew
@WayneDavidMP ???
@drwollastonmp @sarahwollaston
@jameswhartonmp @jameswhartonuk
@janeellisonmp @JaneEllison
@khopkinsmp @krishopkins2015
@markhuntermp @MarkHunter
@marycreagh_mp @Mary4Wakefield
@neil_mp @AngusMacNeilMP
@pauluppalmp ????
@russellbrownmp ????

We notice that, with the exception of @neil_mp becoming @AngusMacNeilMP, all of the MPs in question have taken the opportunity to remove the ‘MP’ part of their Twitter handle.  It would be interesting to compare this list with the size of majority they are defending…


Sensibility pointed out on Twitter:


Might be worth doing check in a week or so to see how many complied…



2 thoughts on “The list of MPs changing their Twitter handle.

  1. I saw someone today (possibly Steve Reed?) who still had the “MP” in his screen name but explained in his bio that he was now a candidate rather than an MP, the name dating from when he was in the Commons. Don’t know if this would be seen as acceptable.

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