Using text expansion to state things in the positive.

We all know that it stating things positively improves our mood, our approach and the responses we get. It is a hard habit to get into and even harder to stick with.

Today I’d like to share my method for keeping my written language positive (as it turns out I touch many more people with what I write than what I say).

I use an auto expander as part of my productivity setup so that when I type -`address- my address is filled in and when I type -`@- my email address is entered. It’s been a mild gain and I’m glad I did it.

However it became really useful when I decided to use it to remove words from my vocabulary.

I set up my autoexpander (I use aText, other options are available) to consider the following words:

  • no
  • not
  • don’t
  • won’t
  • shouldn’t
  • can’t

as triggers – every time I type one of them aText replaces it with the word “HAPPY” (choose what you want, I just wanted something I’d notice).

…and it’s been excellent. Several times a day the alert triggers and I go back and restate the sentence in the positive; most of the time it turns out I can do it more succinctly. I like to think it has made a big difference to how I write and how I think.

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