Flowers for Turing progresses to its own Subsite!

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My projects are run fairly transparently and it’s possibly to see their evolution on this blog (indeed, that’s one of the reasons to have a blog)  so you see examples like me saying it would be nice to have the ability to do your own movie editing, followed some months later by a post were I found time to build the prototype and see how it worked (one of the most highly trafficked posts of the year actually), I’ve got a few future plans for it but they are on the back burner for now.
Similarly you can see the progression of the CommuniKate project from way way back here to the thing it’s grown up into, or see how the Disability site ranking went from being a one off post, to an occasional post, to a regular post, to a significant part of the site.
My intended arc for any given project is that it should start with an idea post, tell you about the ‘prototype’ or initial investigation, then it should talk about future goals (in the case of projects within eQuality Time, it would seek funding).  Every time there is a bit of progress or a major event then a new post is added and eventually it might get promoted to being a page on the website like the teapot is.
From there projects that grow end up with this sort of ‘internal subside’ arrangement as more and more information is added.  If it makes it out into the big bad world it might even become it’s own concern like White Water Writers did.
This week I’m promoting the Flowers for Turing project to having its own wordpress installation, please go take a look!   It’s something I should have done some time ago: blogs like this are laid out very differently from events pages like Flowers for Turing ( or indeed projects like CommuniKate, which will be next to go).
I’m hoping that at some point Supertitle, which I’m putting a lot of resource into at the moment, will graduate to the same level.  Indeed, eQuality Time should as well.

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