Flowers for Turing 2015! Done!

So this is what Alan Turing’s statue looked for his birthday a few days ago.
Screenshot 2015-06-25 12.20.23

Our rough total amount of donations came in at £720, which with £68 spent on flowers.  Meaning we have raised about £650 for Special Effect, beating last year’s total by about 50%!

This post is an extended version of  the 2015 report, that appears on the subsite for Flowers for Turing.  This version is a bit more light-hearted and looks at some of the differences between last and this year. There will be two other posts to come, one a proper analysis of things that could have been better this year, and the other the traditional transparent accounting post.



In all, there were more bunches of flowers, that looked much better, and which turned out to cost less than last year.  Win all around.The credit for this belongs to, as it happens, my mum and dad for buying, fetching, arranging and generally sorting them.

photo 2 photo 1


In case you are wondering – the reason that my mum and dad handled the flowers this year was that my girlfriend’s birthday is, unhelpfully, also on the 23rd June.  So I took her to the seaside, where she good-humouredly put up with me checking twitter every couple of minutes.


On that subject, Twitter was very quiet this year.  While there were a quite a few little notes:


Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.57.05 Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.57.12 Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.57.18 Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.57.23 Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.58.23 Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.59.23

It wasn’t anything like the storm that happened in 2013. On the other hand, we put a zero on the end of how much we raised. I’m quite happy with that exchange rate.


Missing Flowers

Something pointed out my one of my friends…

This is the statue as it started the day…

Screenshot 2015-06-25 12.20.23…and this is it a few hours later.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 09.57.05The question is, where have the rest of the flowers gone? There were lots more on the ground… Also some of the bunches look new (I’ll need to cross reference) were people bringing flowers and other people taking them away?

Roll of Honour

Now the important bit.

Each bunch of flowers (I expect there will be more later) was pledged by one of (where a company or university is listed this should be read as staff/students/alumni/hangers-on from company or university, rather than any endorsement from the place itself – this is very definitely a grassroots thing):

  • Royal Holloway, Computer Science PhD Students
  • Royal Holloway, Information Security Group
  • School of Computer Science The University of Manchester (separate bunch) x 2
  • Cambridge University, Computer Science
  • Computer Science at Indiana University, Bloomington
  • The University of Salford Computing Society
  • School of Computing at the University of Leeds
  • Paul Heideman
  • University of Aberdeen, Computer Science
  • University of York, Computer Science
  • Heriot-Watt University, Computer Science
  • Exeter University, Computer Science
  • University of New South Wales
  • Oxford University Press
  • Someone in Liverpool, UK
  • The Yeno Family
  • Someone in Yukon, Canada
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Andy Longhurst
  • Brighton College Mathematics department
  • Elizabeth Fritsch
  • Bill Risbridger
  • Moscow High School No. 179
  • the Brin Family
  • Someone in Seattle, USA
  • Someone in Manchester
  • From someone alive because of your work
  • “With eternal thanks for helping enable us to do what we love everyday and spreading our learning to the ends of the Earth” – The team
  • Sony Evolution
  • An Admirer of Turing’s work.

I’ll put up the accounting post shortly (where we put up the receipts for flowers and the receipt from Special Effect so that it’s clear to everyone that all the money went to the right place) but right now I’m basking in the glow of a job well done. Really pleased that everyone came together on this one.

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