Please stop emailing me.

I’m a member of the labour party.  This isn’t a secret – I’m fairly left leaning and I’ve written a few times about issues that really need to be fixed (even if many of them are apply to almost all parties)
As you’ll know, The Labour party currently has a vacancy for both a Leader and a Deputy Leader. It’s also looking for a London Mayor Candidate.
All the candidates have apparently been given me email address.
This post is a collection of the things I’ve had to unsubscribe from since this started. I didn’t get a screenshot of the first few so this isn’t even the full list.

Exhibit 1

Screenshot 2015-06-02 14.34.08
Okay, so I got a Mayoral emailand unsubscribed. That should be the end of those…

Exhibit 2

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.30.34
…except apparently there is a separate email list for my constituency. Okay, I can see how that happened, but I’m unsure why candidates are emailing me thought that…

Exhibit 3

Screenshot 2015-06-04 07.35.00
Ah – I’m also subscribed to Tessa Jowell’s email list. Right. I’m unsure how exactly this happens but okay…

Exhibit 4

Screenshot 2015-06-04 19.29.45
Okay, so I’m now unsubscribed from the ‘London Labour Party Members’ list, which is apparently different from the ‘London Party Members’ list. Presumably UKIP are on that one as well…

Exhibit 5

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from unknown source
I struggle to even remember which campaign this was… I do remember liking that they’d bothered to change the font…

Exhibit 6

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Hampstead & Kilburn 0406
Okay… so NOT only does London have two email lists that are emailing me about the party leadership contest… but so does Hampstead and Kilburn?

Exhibit 7

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Hornchurch & Upminister 0406
I’ll say this for Hampstead and Kilburn… At least I live there.  I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I’d need a map to work out were Hornchurch & Upminster is… I’m pretty sure it’s on the end of a tube line.  More relevantly, I’ve NO idea who gave them my email address….

Exhibit 8

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from David Lammy emails
So David Lammy had my email address….

Exhibit 9

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Tom Watson's emails
….so did Tom Watson…

Exhibit 10

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from London Labour Party Emails
London Labour Party… I’ve seen them before… They aren’t taking the hint….

Exhibit 11

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from all labour party emails.
Ah… the Labour party are letting me unsubscribe from *all* of these. Excellent. That should be the end of that then….

Exhibit 12

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Andy Burnham's emails
…Except Andy Burnham, obviously.

Exhibit 13

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from London Supporters 1606
….Okay, so now there is also a ‘London Supporters’ list to unsubscribe from. This is apparently different from the ‘London Labour Party Members’ list, which is apparently different from the ‘London Party Members’ list. Obviously. I’m starting to think that the Labour Party is becoming a bit London-centric.

Exhibit 14

Screenshot 2015-06-26 11.12.14
…I give up. Four separate lists? For London? Four?

Exhibit 15

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from all labour party emails
Labour Party fails to understand when people tell them they aren’t interested. Ironic.

Exhibit 16

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Angela Eagle emails
Labour Party clearly aren’t telling their candidates the people who unsubscribe.

Exhibit 17

screenshot of Joe unsubscribing from Liz Kendall emails
Liz Kendall! I was wondering when she’d show up.  She’s clearly slow off the mark in the ‘Email everybody’ stakes
There are also the text messages….

Exhibit 18

Text Message From Jeremy Corbyn

Exhibit 19

Text Message From Tessa Jowell

Exhibit 20

Text Message From Tom WatsonI would have gone with ‘better country’ than ‘labour victory’…

Exhibit 21

Text Message From June Sarpong
June Sarpong? June Sarpong has my mobile number? What the hell?


To stop reading labour party election emails (I’m interested, I’m just going to look at the positions on a neutral site before I work out which I like) I have to unsubscribe from 21 different lists so far.  21.   On the other hand – they have at least moved away from the clickbait awfulness that we saw last time I was moved to rant about this.

2 thoughts on “Please stop emailing me.

  1. Yeah the party is pretty bad at spamming.. At this rate I plan to select the candidate who sends the least spam…

    Also I feel like I’m going insane, as they also keep sending invitations to social events for introducing new members and I keep thinking “how many new member social events do you really need? Don’t your politicians have anything better to do than have pub events for new members?”

    • I’m actually all right with the socials – at least that is a good place for someone to go if they are, for example, unsure if they really want to be involved in politics and to work out what people really think they are standing for. I’d like to see more in the way of policy discussion – have lead discussions where you look at the nuances of an issue…

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