New (kind of) repository on github: Excel2latex

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Something that I thought I’d put online some time ago is excel2latex.This is a very nerdy post so please skip over if you’re haven’t been hooked by the name.

Excel2latex is a simple webapp, you paste cells from an excel worksheet into it, click convert, and it outputs that table converted into LaTeX.

It’s a simple but useful app, produced by retargeting Shawn Douglas’s excellent Excel2Wiki app for converting excel tables to wikiformat. I only realised it hadn’t migrated from my old computer science address when I had need of it in the last couple of weeks.

When I found it, I also found a bunch of bugs. A few days ago I sat down and redid it properly – cloned the Shawn’s github repo, did all the sensible things with the code and fixed the bugs in my previous version. The code is on github, and there is a working version here.

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