Jugglers are dangerous people

Juggling metaphor

Jugglers are extremely dangerous people. Not because of the deadly nature of the art: the MMA octagon is going to remain free of their kind regardless of how many knives and flaming clubs get tossed around.
No, jugglers are dangerous people because of their minds.
You see the secret of learning to juggle is that it consists of failure.  Complete failure.  Not ‘oh we’re getting the hang of it now’ failure or ‘gradual improvement’ failure. But complete and abject failure.  Failure so complete that the feedback is that you should give up forever. The first thing that you find out when you try to learn to juggle is that it’s clear you have no talent for this, admittedly, relatively pointless skill. Your failure will show without doubt that even the attempt was unwise.
…and this lasts for hours.
and hours! 
After an amount of time that defies measurement you make, perhaps by fluke, four catches in a row. This is just long enough to for you to realise “I’m juggling!” and drop everything. Inspired, you pick your balls up and then proceed to fail just as hard for another two hours until finally you can consistently juggle.
The important thing to take from this, is that jugglers are people who can stare the most abject failure in the face for hours and hours and keep going. 
It is superb life training.  If you are yet to learn to juggle – give it a go. Fail utterly until it starts going your way. And when you do, burn it into your mind.  Because then, whenever, and wherever you suffer a setback, you’ll remember that the signals you are getting now are nothing compared with how abject your juggling failures were.  When you realise that, you are much more likely to pick up your metaphorical balls, and keep trying.

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