Quick News – I’ve moved the blog subscribers over to MailChimp


Just some quick site admin.  Until this week, people who’d signed up for email updates got an email whenever a new post when online.

This had a few problems:

  • I was doing it by hand, so sometimes emails were late, and the risk of me accidentally pasting everyone’s addresses into the ‘to:’ field rather than the ‘bcc:’ field was growing…
  • Occasionally (and quite often recently) there would be a post that was either quite minor or wasn’t disability focused.  I often didn’t bother sending an email for those, reasoning that most people subscribed for the disability content rather than anything else. Unfortunately that approach is subjective and scatty and far from ideal.
  • I think I made it easy for people to unsubscribe (The second line was: ‘If you’d like to stop receiving these emails just let me know by replying to the email so I can take you off the list.’), but that’s still a lot more complex can ‘click this link to unsubscribe’.

This week I set up a MailChimp account.  You’ll now get an email once a week, at 11am on Friday, with a summary of that week’s posts.

This gives us a few advantages:

  • We never miss a post
  • It’s easier to unsubscribe
  • It’s actually easier for me to track which articles are being opened, which means I can work out what people want to read.
  • Finally, at some point in the near future, it’s relatively likely that we’ll develop equalitytime.co.uk into a full site, and move a lot of the (disability focused) content and posts over there. MailChimp will let me move the mailing list at the same time.

So – site admin over. Back to the ‘proper’ posting schedule.


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