Lego and disability

So I read this:


But for all the mini-figures in the world, Lego does not produce a single one with a wheelchair or a disability.

…in the Guardian, which really should know better.


Of course, like most people of my generation, I immediately thought of this:


Lego Pirate, from via creative commons...

Lego Pirate, from via creative commons…


Also this excellent reddit build from a little while ago…

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Here, for example, is where to buy them online. Professor X, that most famous of fictional wheelchair-users gets a lego figure of course that appears in the lego video games and videos.  He might have a minifig you can buy.


There is a lot wrong with how disability is represented (including, of course, the fact that for many people in the media disability=wheelchair, which is really unhelpful), but lazy fact-checking is still lazy.

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