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As regular readers will know, I’ve been running the social enterprise eQuality Time for a bit over a year now.   I’ve updated you a few times since then, with successes, failures, and more successes (and more failures).
It has now got a website.

It took 18months to get to the point of having a website.  I talked about a lot of the reasons for this over in the article I did on branding.
If you pop over and have a look at, the first thing you should notice is that you’ve seen a lot of the content before.   I’ve used as a outlet for most of the project development within eQuality Time, and so the posts about, for example, developing the Supertitle intervention, will now redirect to their slightly-better-written versions on
More surprisingly: all of the guest features on disability have moved over there.
This was one of the big reasons to wait and be careful about the move.  I started this blog in 2014 as a place for collecting my thoughts. Since then there have been hundreds of posts, interviews, guest features, projects, and hundreds of thousands of visits. It’s been astonishing.
However, has been starting to creak in terms of what it can be as it is.  It’s a little tricky to bring in high quality writers (we’ve been incredibly lucky with the ones we have) to what is obviously a personal blog and it’s fairly hard to mix substantial policy content with articles on re-editing films and a small bit of internet culture about a teapot.
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So the disability and equality content that was straining at the seems of will flow to from now on.  Hopefully this means that it will be able to grow both as a social enterprise that changes the world directly and as a platform for content that helps change the world more indirectly.
So what will be left behind?  My rants, my occasional posts on productivity, the stress graphs, most of the ‘held together with sticky tape’ posts and the assorted pickings of my brain.   Various bits of computer science like the teapot, the latex webapp, and the memory app are staying here as well.  I’m just in the process of documenting a home office build that I’m pretty sure is of interest only the most nerdy of my friends.
If you are a subscriber to email alerts currently, then you’ll get the equality time posts automatically (and new posts to If you subscribe on you’ll be added to a new ‘equality time only’ list.
If you are subscribing by rss or g+ then there are new links to follow I’m afraid.
Thank you for everything so far.  I hope you’ll like the new site as much as you did the old.



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