Project Doghouse stage 1: building the shell

I’m building a home office.  I’m a programmer by training so it’s being build in iterations. This is the first iteration.
The original site looked like this:
2015-11-29 08.46.56
A six foot by four foot potting shed, in a six food by eight foot space.
First step, is obviously demolition…
Screenshot 2016-01-09 19.25.20
I’d bought a new, basic, shed, online, and was so incredibly unimpressed with the customer service that I couldn’t recommend them less. Really, you’d be better building from scratch. However, it’s a fairly simple setup:
Screenshot 2016-01-09 19.26.07
Once the shell was up, I wanted to get a working space up next.  Not because I was finnished – far from it, but because I wanted to get the hang of the space – work out what needed in terms of desk space, power outlets, bin’s, and decorations.  I’m glad I did, my original intentions for the inside were way off the things that I ended up with.
This is the end of the first itteration – monitor rack isn’t even all connected at this point, and it’s nestled in the tangle of wires from everywhere on top of the tiny desk I brought from my old flat.
2015-12-09 11.12.00
What I was impressed with, was how functional the space instantly was compared to the other places I’d been working since I moved in (Lounge, sofa, ect).  From the first setup I started generating (with the aid of a small, but remarkably effective space heater) much more quality work than I had since moving it.
So that’s the end of stage 1.

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