Project Doghouse stage 3: desk, lights, and cables

So last iteration finished like this:
2015-12-16 15.56.36 2015-12-16 15.54.51
I’m gradually adding cladding to the inside of the room, mostly when I’m bored of work and want to do something else for 30 minutes.  Most of the walls were relatively simple matters of slotting the boards together and putting in a few nails.
2015-12-17 09.53.57
(fish eye lens to make things easier)
But I wanted the monitor setup to have it’s cables tided quietly away, which meant running them behind the walls, preferably in a replaceable way…
So the solution was a couple of access points from Wicks, one behind the monitors, and one down where the power supply lives.
2015-12-18 14.06.31
Definitely worth threading the cables though before putting the points in the wall.  To make life easier – I’d bought a couple of double headed kettle leads (like these) so that the four monitors only needed two plugs, but there’s still a lot of wire to run.
2015-12-30 16.04.27
While I’m here we also did some tidying of the light cables (the lead that the lights came with was pretty short, so I bought an extension that could sit behind the cladding (this photo is slightly out of sequence, but belongs in the ‘cables and cladding section’).
2015-12-18 15.56.16
It certainly starts to look a lot shaper now it’s hanging more nicely (I’ve since tidied away the leads poking out, and I’ve got plans for the ones scattered over the desk.

3 thoughts on “Project Doghouse stage 3: desk, lights, and cables

  1. Wow. Your man cave is certainly changing, It’s looking ace! Time to get the sewing machine out next and make a nice thick curtain for that door and a large rug for the floor:0)

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