Project Doghouse stage 4: monitor stand

So the last post in this series finished like this:

2015-12-18 15.56.16


The overall look it great, but the usability is a little low – ideally I want the side and top monitors to curve around so that I can see them all without shifting my head to the left and right (the one on the left is also vulnerable to glare from the window).
This is actually a bit tricky to do with wood, without seriously risking the weight. Fortunately I had some kit lying around.
Regular readers might remember my previous setup:
2015-11-04 13.11.17
The monitor stand used in the previous setup is still hanging around and the monitor attachments still work.
So, it was time to take down (apologies for the poor quality of the next set of photos)  and rebuild the new stand using the parts from the old one… (apologies for the poor quality of the next set of photos)
2015-12-22 16.41.54
 I bought a set of large eyelet bolts from eBay and, with the help of my intrepid GF bolted them onto the frame as housing.
2015-12-22 17.33.23
2015-12-22 18.24.01
It’s difficult to make out on this photo, but you can see the eyelet bolts, along with (on the desk) the attachment from my old monitor rack…
2015-12-22 20.22.35
Now that that are up and together (this was one of the longest stages of the build) they look a little less ‘display’ and a bit more ‘used’.  More to the point, they are a lot more used. The curve is just right for someone sitting at the desk to properly take in all the information.
You’ll also notice that during this I switched out the old black cord for slightly less visible white cord – and I changed the anchor points so that they were anchored more securely. In fact the cords now run over pulleys and are hitched carefully to suitable points in the wall.  (in in preparation for something cool I’d like to do later).
2016-01-09 15.29.26
This time round I also remembered to take some panoramic photos so that the progress is a little clearer to see.
2016-01-09 18.26.442016-01-09 18.27.21

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