Today has been a good day

Today has been a good day.  It’s been a working day, the first one in a while that has been without meetings or other things in the way.  Just me and lots of lots of things that would be cool to do.

This morning I managed to fix a problem in AzuleJoe that was stopping me from quickly putting up other languages. There is more to do on it yet, but I’m hoping to work on it tonight.  I’m going away for most of next month and so spent some time working out how to do cards for all the special days will happen while we are away.  I think some people are just going to have to have some early cards.

After lunch, I had a big pile of messages from people – all the ones I can remember where cool – people wanting to help with things, teachers interested in Supertitle, writers who have prepared things for

This afternoon, once the messages were replied to, I found time to sit down and write the ‘guide to making Supertitle happen’ for teachers to use.  It needs work, but there main points are there.

One of the best parts about writing it was that I used XKCD’s ‘Simple Writer’ to do it. Simple Writer keeps track of things you write, and if a word is outside of the top ‘ten hundred’ words, then that word turns red.

Simple Writer, writing this text

Simple Writer, writing these words

I used it for making a talk better last week, and I’m using it for the page you are reading right now.  I think it’s a nice way of making sure that:

a) your work is easier to read for people with ‘learning problems’.
b) your work is easier to read for people who mostly work in other languages.
c) it’s about the words, rather than the writer.  I spent a lot of time in a world where big words were a sign of better people. I stopped thinking that was true, but I need reminding a lot.  Simple Writer helps keep me thinking about writing the good things, rather than writing things well.
d) if your idea needs big words to explain it, then maybe it needs to be a clearer idea.  This isn’t true in all cases (Simple Writer came out of this idea, which explains a very big idea) but it’s a pretty true for those of us that will not go to space today.

So it’s been a pretty good idea.  I’m also loving this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 18.47.47

It was a gift from my other half a few days ago and I’ve spent all day enjoying tea that is a little bit too hot for me.

My other half is out of the house tonight, so I’m settling into my office with some ‘computer things to make work’ (Simple Writer does have it’s problems) and yet more hot tea.


What should I have done better? I’ve been doing a few things in the wrong order – some important things have been left behind.  This happens a lot, but at least today I’ve been doing other things that have been important.  I also spent some of the morning looking up interesting things about language the different sounds that people make in different parts of the would.  That should have been something to so after important things were done.

Simple Writer extra words: AzuleJoe, Supertitle

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